Courses and events

Experimental Design and Analysis of Data from Animal Experiments – 4th Edition

16-18 February 2022, Porto

This three-day course aims at making researchers sufficiently knowledgeable on experimental design and statistics to make results from animal experiments more reliable, robust and reproducible, while avoiding animal waste and complying with the 3Rs of animal research, with particular emphasis on Reduction and Refinement.

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iPSZurich Symposium 2022

April 20th 2022

Confirmed speakers:
Prof. Verdon Taylor, Prof. Oliver Brüstle, Prof. Barbara Treutlein,PD Dr. Amiq Gazdhar, Dr. Sofia Nasif,Dr. Bärbel Ulmer
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MPS World Summit 2022

May 30 – June 3, 2022, New Orleans, USA

Microphysiological System (MPS): cell culture systems replicating (patho-) physiology through engineered organ architecture and functionality. This includes especially 3D-(co-)cultures such as organoids, organ-on-chip models, and multi-organ models, as well as the technologies to engineer and analyze these systems.

The Microphysiological Systems (MPS) World Summit brings together a global audience, including institutions (government, health foundations, charities), the academic research community (universities, research institutes), environmental and human toxicity researchers, the industries (pharmaceutical, cosmetics, chemical, and others), medical centers and practitioners, patient associations, and policymakers and testing centers—in a series of global conferences to create a roadmap for MPS technologies. This will be the first step in establishing an international MPS society.

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13.- 14. June 2022, Nice, France

LIVe2022 intends to be a unique exchange platform for scientists interested in in vitro respiratory researches, stakeholders from academia, pharma, biotech, chemical, tobacco, consumer goods, medical devices industries, CROs and regulatory agencies.

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FELASA congress 2022

13-16 June, Marseille

The motto of this FELASA Congress is COMMUNICATION. This central theme will lead through various content streams: communication between animals, between animals and humans, between fellow researchers, between trainers and trainees, between laboratory Animal Science specialists at all levels and the Society.

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LAL offers travel grants for FELASA, more information here.

Advancing Animal Welfare Science 2022 - UFAW International Conference

28-29 June 2022, Edinburgh, UK

This meeting will be held in person, with live streaming of some elements for those not able to travel to attend. Initial details can be viewed here

Next Gen Organ-on-Chip & Organoids Workshop

23. - 24. August 2022, Geneva

The Next Gen Organ-on-Chip & Organoids workshop is a two-day event bringing together decision-makers from the pharma & biotech industry, clinicians, organ-on-Chip suppliers, regulatory experts, and research organizations. Structured around keynote presentations from selected speakers, the workshop offers members of the OoC community a chance to gather and discuss.

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EUSAAT conference 2022

26.-28.09. 2022 Linz

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SGV 2022

29.-30.11.2022, Lausanne

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