3R events and articles for kids

Frontiers for Young Minds published three articles dealing with each of the 3Rs, i.e. replacement, refinement and reduction on October 11, 2022. Earlier this year, the 3Rs were introduced to young minds from the International School of Lausanne in an event sponsored by the Swiss 3RCC. The lead authors of each article presented the 3Rs to the students, and the students then learned to act as peer reviewers. The articles aim to inform children and encourage critical thinking.

The Office for Animal Welfare and 3Rs of UZH participated in both activities.


Enjoy highlights from an engagement event where students from the International School of Lausanne met scientific authors, educating them about the 3R principle of animal experiments here.


Replacing animal testing - Can we and if so, how and when?
Refining research to improve the lives of laboratory mice.
Reducing the number of research animals: how imaging technologies can help.

Articles are open access and will be translated to German and French.

Vetucation® Award 2021 for E-Learning-Module: Ethics of Animal Research

The e-learning module "Ethics of Animal Research - An online course" was awarded the Vetucation Award 2021 of the University of Vienna, a prize for excellent digital teaching projects.

This online course is a collaboration between the Office for Animal Welfare and 3R and the Institute of Biomedical Ethics and History of Medicine at UZH, the Animal Welfare Group at ETHZ and the Messerli Research Institute at the University of Vienna. The module is offered via OLAT for members of the UZH and ETHZ.

Animal experimentation is the subject of intense social, scientific, legal and ethical debates. The online course introduces ethical issues in animal research that affect medicine, the natural sciences and the social sciences and that require critical reflection by these disciplines in a joint effort. The course provides an introduction to animal experimentation ethics, ethical theories as well as harm-benefit analysis, the basics of legal regulation of animal experimentation and introduces the 3Rs principle.

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