Training and Education

Every person involved in animal experimentation is required to provide proof of their obligatory and continuing education according to the Ordinance of the Federal Department of Economic Affairs (FDEA) on Training in Animal Husbandry and in the Handling of Animals. The guidelines (Richtlinie 1.09 (German only)) of the Federal Veterinary Office gives further details.

The Cantonal Veterinar Office decided within the frame of the animal experimentation licence whether the basic and continuing eduation of the persons involved meets the requirements. A list of coursesthat are accredited by the "Vereinigung der Kantonstierärztinnen und -tierärzte" is published on the FVO website.

Basic and advanced training courses are offered by the  Institute for Laboratory Animal Science (LTK) and organisations such as Swiss Laboratory Animal Science Association.
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The Animal Welfare Officers

  • support Experimenters and Study Directors in terms of basic and continuing education and refer them to offered courses
  • are engaged in the courses for animal experimentation of the Institute for Laboratoy Animal Science (LTK)
  • support further education in the areas of animal welfare and animal experimentation.
    For institute-internal trainings please contact Dr. Thallmair directly.