Internal controls and coordination

The Animal Welfare Officer

  • is the contact for all persons involved in animal care and experimentation
  • does not provide any information from internal controls to external persons
  • keeps a database of all animal experimentation licenses of the UZH and, thus, is informed on all decisions and correspondence concerning animal licenses/experiments of the Cantonal Veterinary Office.
  • will be notified by the authorities in case of shortcomings in the animal facilities or in the execution of animal experiments
  • has unlimited right of access and absolute right of inspection of files while adhering to professional confidentiality and observing all hygiene rules
  • spot-checks that the legal obligations are not violated and that the animal licenses are followed incl. correct documentation of interventions and observations
  • encourages improvements in the area of animal housing and animal experimentation - if applicable
  • if necessary the AWO may impose conditions on parameters to be documented
  • in case of doubt the AWO decides on the compliance with termination criteria and the approval of animals for an experiment
  • reports to the corresponding Study Director or Institute's Management Board in case procedural flaws concerning animal welfare were detected
  • if shortcomings persist informs the corresponding organs as outlined under: Procedure in case of persistent shortcomings
  • Internal controls, Coordination of animal husbandries, Public Relations: Animal husbandry and animal experimentation shall be exemplary at the University of Zurich. Violations of legal obligations or deviations from agreed protocols must not be tolerated. The AWO supports the animal house managers in their duties and may act as an agent in case of conflicting opinions about animal welfare between parties involved in animal experimentation.