Additional permits & information

Laboratory Animal Services Center - LASC

LASC supports biomedical research at the University of Zurich by providing various services, mainly in the field of Veterinary Services and Animal Husbandry Services.

Please refer to the LASC website for information on animal housing space, animal order, animal import/export, iRATS etc.

Import of animals or biologicals to UZH

Import and ordering of animals at the UZH can only be done via LASC. You find all necessary information on the LASC website.

Legislation on import/export of animals and products of animal origin

The import and export of animals and products of animal origin is regulated by the Federal and International legislation and several other regulations (wildlife conservation and animal diseases). The Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office is able to provide more information: info(at)

If you plan to bring biologicals, animals or products of animal original to the LASC facility please inform yourself on the LASC website about the conditions.


When working with genetically modified or pathogenic organisms a notification has to be sent to the responsible authorities (contact: Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN), Federal Coordination Centre for Biotechnology).

Biosafety (Federal Office for the Environment FOEN)
"Notifications and licence applications"
"Containment Ordinance (not legally binding English translation)"
“Activities with genetically modified organisms, alien organisms subject to compulsory containment or pathogenic organisms in contained use”
“Publications Biotechnology”

Anesthesia and analgesia

If researchers plan to use an anesthesia or analgesia with substances that are regulated by the narcotics law (Betäubungsmittelgesetz, BetmG, SR 812.121, see „Verzeichnisse“) a permit has to be obtained by the Cantonal Agency for Therapeutic Products ( “Kantonale Heilmittelkontrolle” ) (see BetmG, Art. 14, BetmKV Art. 5ff, Art. 15).

See also “Permits in Canton Zurich”