Forms for Animal Experiments


new Form A August 2020 (DOCX, 170 KB)

Explanatory_notes_Form_A_2020-08-11 (PDF, 793 KB)

all forms for animal experiments can be found on the Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office (FSVO) website ("Forms")

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Monitoring of genetically modiefied lines and mutants

The Animal Experimentation Ordinance describes the basics of and how to perform the monitoring of constraints of mutant or genetically modified small rodents and fish.

At the UZH we use a checklist and forms that the LASC has established based on the Animal Experimentation Ordinance in collaboration with the veterinary office Zurich.

In case of questions about the monitoring and recording of constraints you can get in touch with the husbandry managers of the LASC.

If you breed genetically modified animals or constrained mutants you have to fill in the "Data sheet for genetically modified lines (GM – strained or non-strained) or strained mutants" (Original datasheet (DOC, 94 KB)and datasheet template UZH_USZ_Kispi (DOC, 108 KB), also see  explanatory notes for the datasheet by FSVO (PDF, 125 KB)). If a line is not sufficiently characterized (see Anim Exp Ord) or if the line is newly established, you have to perform a recording / monitoring of constraints.

For questions on or help with the datasheet and/or Form M please get in touch with Dalila Korkmaz, LASC. Note that all datasheets have to be checked by Dalila Korkmaz or her colleagues before they can be submitted with an application for animal experiments.

If the monitoring of constraint in a line reveals that the animals affected have an impaired phenotype, an initial provisional announcement must be submitted to the authorities within two weeks using Form-M (DOC, 100 KB) (Art. 17 TVV). This must describe the constraint (e.g. harm and suffering) as well as the measures that can be taken immediately to reduce the constraint (provisional report). Please note that Form M must be signed by the animal husbandry manager and the researcher. Get in touch with

 (FSVO technical information on Form M & datasheet (PDF, 219 KB), explanatory notes on Form M (PDF, 125 KB))

Constraint: Changes in morphology, physiology or behavior that either suggest constraint in connection with genetic modification or constitute generally known symptoms of constraint.

An announcement must be submitted at the latest when 5 animals are affected.

If the constraints are confirmed on the basis of the further monitoring/recording, the head of the animal husbandry must submit a definitive announcement of constraints using form M. If the initial constraints are not confirmed, he or she must also report this to the authority.

In order to describe a line definitively as showing no impaired phenotype, a minimum of 100 individuals from at least 3 generations must be observed and documented.

The datasheet and, if applicable, Form M must be submitted to the Cantonal Veterinary Office (after Dalila Korkmaz, LASC, has reviewed them) together with the animal experimentation application via animex-ch before the animals are used in the experiment.

Data Sheet (DOC, 108 KB) (mod. UZH template)

Form M (DOC, 100 KB)

Guidance Data Sheet and Form M (PDF, 125 KB)

Information about Severity Assessment

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