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Animal Welfare and 3Rs

Animal experimentation license

General information about the legislation

The field of animal testing is strictly regulated by federal legislation. Primarily through the Animal Welfare Act, the Animal Welfare Ordinance and the Animal Experimentation Ordinance. In addition, the cantonal Animal Welfare Act or the cantonal Animal Welfare Ordinance regulates details in the respective cantons.

Depending on the area of animal experimentation, further legal texts are added.

FDHA Ordinance on Training in Animal Husbandry and Handling of Animals regulates specialists` education and training.

Weiterführende Informationen

Deadlines for the submission of SG3 applications

Applications for animal experiments that are evaluated by the enttire Animal Experimentation Commission (TVK), i.e. SG3 applications, are subject to certain deadlines. Please plan accordingly and also note the dates on which you can expect to be contacted by the vet office with questions: Ideally, you enter the relevant date in your agenda so that you have time to process and resubmit your application such that the revised application can be dealt with in the following meeting of the TVK.

In order to submit your application to the Veterinary Office on time, you must submit it to the Animal Welfare Officers in good time. Therefore, please also be sure to note the deadlines of the animal welfare officers.

The dates of the vet office/TVK can be found on the website of the Veterinary Office ZH:  Tierversuchs-Bewilligung beantragen - then scroll to item 4 and there to "Sitzungstermine der Tierversuchskommission".

Returning of insufficient applications for animal experiments

Please note the rejection criteria of the veterinary office, which came into force in August 2018. You will find these in German and English.