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Anesthesia & Analgesia

The choice of an analgesia protocol for a specific research question is challenging and is best solved with the help of an expert. The optimal protocol should reliably relieve pain and not have any side effects that could interfere with science and animal welfare. In the case of surgical or painful procedures, preventive analgesia, defined as pre-, intra- and post-operative analgesia, must be planned to efficiently cover the temporal evolution of pain and the estimated intensity.
Analgesia should have a controllable effect on the specific system at which the experiment is aimed or on experimental procedures.

For specific questions regarding anaesthesia and analgesia of laboratory animals, please contact the 3R Coordinator.

Weiterführende Informationen

E-Learning Module: Anesthesia

Online courses for example about anesthesia or animal welfare of laboratory rodents


Free online course: Post-anaesthetic Care

The latest NC3Rs-funded e-learning module from FLAIRE Learning focuses on recovery from anaesthesia and post-anaesthetic support.

LTK Modul 4E: Anesthesia and Analgesia

In this course the basics of anaesthesia are presented. In addition, new approaches in anaesthesia technique, analgesia and monitoring in anaesthesia are explained in the lectures and performed on rodents in the practical part of this course.



Refinement Database AWI

This database is updated every three months with newly published scientific articles, books, and other publications related to improving or safeguarding the welfare of animals used in research.

Refinement Database | Animal Welfare Institute