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Score sheets & severity assessment

Score Sheets

Monitoring protocols (score sheets) should be adapted to the individual experiments in terms of monitoring intervals and symptoms.

It is recommended to list and assess general symptoms (e.g. activity, behaviour, posture) and specific symptoms (related to the experiment). Individual symptoms should be evaluated, but also the sum of these.

The animal welfare officers can provide support in the preparation of score sheets; in addition, LTK offers a learning and further training opportunity with M11 "Score Sheet".

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LTK M-11E How to prepare the score sheet for my experiment?

This course shows you what a score sheet means and how you can create your own score sheet step by step.

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LTK M21: Pain assessment in rodents

A doctor can easily find out from his patient whether he/she is in pain or not - the patient can express himself/herself and is usually understood. Our animals also express themselves when they are in pain - but do researchers understand this expression of pain in the laboratory animal? For example, how does abdominal pain manifest itself in a laboratory mouse? Do you see everything you could (should) see?

In this video-supported workshop, we will show how to recognise pain in rodents and explain the influence pain can have on the animal and on experimental results.

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E-Learning Module

Online course on severity assessment in rodents

RAT courses on Severity Assessment

ETPLAS course Severity Assessment