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Animal Sharing at UZH

Animal Sharing is a platform in iRATS enabling researchers to transfer surplus animals into a so-called  Sharing Pool from where other researchers can obtain them, e.g. for pilot experiments. Animal Sharing contributes to the reduction principle of 3R.

If an animal cannot be shared via the Sharing Pool in iRATS, there are other possibilities. The Office for Animal Welfare and 3R will support you with sharing of animal cadavers, organs, cells and tissues. Also keep in mind that certain animals (e.g. wildtype animals that have not undergone severe experiments) might be suitable for rehoming.

Swiss biobanking platform

SBP is the national coordination platform for human and non-human biobanks. Its aim is to respond to the increasing demand for quality and networking of biobanks for research purposes.


Central Biobank USZ

Central Tissue Biobank USZ