Biostatistics Consulting

Biostatistics Consulting

To improve the quality of animal research, we offer statistical methods consultation. This includes advice on study design, on sample size calculation, on methods for data analysis and on reporting for publications, dissertations and theses. For master students seeking advice we suggest that the supervisor joins for the first meeting.

We encourage you to consult us during the planning phase of your study, so that potential improvements on research questions, study design and absolutely necessary numbers of test animals (3Rs principles: Reduction) can be made.

We provide a maximum of an hour appointment that is free of charge for animal researchers of UZH. The free 1h-consultation is per license or per study. Note that this 1h-consultation is NOT A VERIFICATION of experimental design & the planned statistical analysis of your application (new Form A, par 31). In the moment we do not have capacity for the verification.

We use and promote the free software R. We provide an interactive web app SampleSizeR to calculate sample size based on power analysis for confirmatory experimental designs.

We also offer "contractual consulting" and "contractual data analysis" with a fee, for internal and external researchers.

Biostatistics Workshop

We offer biostatistics workshops for research group of UZH, from basic to advance topics. Examples of topics are:

  1. ANOVA and Hands-On Data Analysis with R (see testimonial),
  2. Important Families of Experimental Designs (completely randomized, randomized block and split-plot),
  3. Repeated Measures in Time.
  4. Other topics that your group might need.

The workshop is can be accredited as 0.5 day or 1 day of continuous education for persons involved in animal experiments by the veterinary office of the canton of Zurich. The workshop is with a fee. Contact Bernadetta Tarigan for more information.

Dr. Bernadetta Tarigan

Bernadetta Tarigan is a qualified statistician with more than ten years of consulting and practical experience in interdisciplinary applications including life sciences.

She obtained her Ph.D. in mathematical statistics at Seminar for Statistics, ETH Zurich in 2008. Subsequently she worked as a Postdoc at Statistics for Life Sciences of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam collaborating with Dept. of Computational Neuroscience. Since 2010 she run her own business Tarigan Statistical Coaching providing consulting, data analysis, tailor-made teaching and workshop for academy and industry. Parallel to it she also worked at Management Information System Group of ETH Zurich supervising statistical study designs (2012-2015) and at Applied Wood Materials Laboratory of EMPA Dübendorf modelling time-to-event (2016–2017). In 2018 she joined statistical consulting team of Dept. of Psychology UZH and in 2019 she joined statistical consulting team of Applied Statistics group of Dept. of Mathematics UZH.

Since February 2019 Bernadetta Tarigan is supporting the Department Animal Welfare and 3R with a biostatistical consulting service (50% position).